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LING 489/589: Morphology: Home

This guide will help you get started with your research for LING 489/589.

Video Tutorials

The Mansfield Library offers excellent video tutorials, developed by a librarian, to help you with many aspects of your research process. If you need information on advanced searching, information ethics, APA citation styles, choosing sources, reading citations, and information production, look no further.

You can stream these videos art point-of-need and rewatch them as many times as want.If you have questions or would like to consult further about your research, you can always contact me.


Welcome to the LibGuide for Linguistics 489/589. This guide will help you get started in your research. Click on any of the tabs above to get more information on Library resources, Web resources, and University programs and offices.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or for more in-depth research help!

Finding a Descriptive Grammar

The Mansfield Library has grammar books for multiple languages, although we have more in some languages than others.

To find a grammar book in the Library Catalog you will want to do a KEYWORD search for your language and the term "grammar." For example you could do a search for "Russian" AND "grammar" and you would come up with 58 results. Conversely, a search for "Crow" AND "grammar" brings up 5 results, only 3 of which are grammar books.

To supplement what is available at the library, you can search in the same manner in WorldCat, which is a worldwide catalog. A search there for "Russian" and "grammar" results in over 9000 items. Narrowing your search to include the word "Descriptive" helps filter your sources into something more managable.

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