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Funding Resources: Electronic Titles: Funding Resources: Electronic titles

Electronic options for searching for grants


The Mansfield Library offers an extensive collection of resources to help you identify potential financial support for your nonprofit organization. This guide identifies electronic resources; a second guide focuses on print resources (see Funding Resources: Books). You will find information covering all aspects of nonprofit management, such as:


Grantsmanship Research a specific foundation or corporation, identify their mission, types of support, geographic preference, and giving history.
Proposal Writing Writing effective proposal and stewardship reports.
Fundraising Drafting fundraising plans and strategies.
Volunteerism Recruiting and educating board and committee members.
Philanthropy Establish partnerships with other groups and corporations to strengthen your organization's mission and effectiveness.
Nonprofit Management Developing operating and project budgets and evaluating funded projects.
Statistics on Charitable Giving Identify trends in and types of charitable giving. Match programs with your nonprofit organization.

Structure Your Searches for Maximum Results

Whether searching electronic or print materials, learn the vocabulary or grantsmanship and identify within it the keywords which best suit your organization's needs. Once you have th structural framework for your search, apply it to all possible funding sources, print and electronic.



Your organization needs: Translates into: Your proposal statement might be:
More shelving Capital support Seeking capital support grant for additional shelving needed for our expanding collection on....for public education.
Upgrade of office technology Technical assistance OR In-kind contributions Seeking a grant for technical assistance or in-kind contribution to upgrade our office technology to better track and evaluate our...
Support for new program Seed money Seeling a seed money grant for a new program addressing the identified need for...



Know Your Foundations

There are a wide variety of foundation types to consider approaching, each offering support ind different ways. To learn more about them, refer to the guide Introduction to Foundations . Foundations usually fall into one of the following categories:


GOVERNMENT = Federal, State, Local

FOUNDATION = Private, Publics, Community

CORPORATE = Corporate Foundations

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