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E-Book Resources: E-books at the Mansfield Library

Learn more about e-book resources at the Mansfield Library!

Finding and Reading E-Books

What is an e-book?

The word e-book (or ebook) is short for electronic book. Usually an e-book has been published previously in print, reproduced in electronic format, and made available through a database such as Ebrary or Overdrive.

The Mansfield Library and e-books

The Mansfield Library has increased its collection of e-books in recent years as distance-education programs have grown.  Many students and faculty, both on campus and off, find it convenient to access books electronically at any time and from any location.  Some library users are not able to come into the building; others want to save themselves a trip.

How do I find e-books?

The e-book offerings are mostly integrated into the library catalog so that you can find them as you would any other book.  If you search the library catalog in the regular way, your results will include books in all formats that pertain to your topic.  However, the location of e-books will appear as "Electronic Resource" rather than a particular collection or floor within the library, and the call number will show as "Electronic Book.” 

E-books can also be found within the individual resources listed below or in the Search Everything interface (select the limit for e-books on the left side of the results screen once you've performed a search).

How do I read an e-book once I find one?

Click on the title of the book you’d like to read or its results number to see the item record.  From this screen click on the text that says “Connect to this title online.”

The catalog or other interface will take you automatically to the online resource that provides the book.  If you are off campus you will be asked to provide remote access information (netID and password).  In some cases book chapters are available in pdf format; in other cases you will have to scroll through the book or click on arrows to read it.

Only a few of our e-book titles can be downloaded to an e-reader device like a Kindle or an iPad at this time.  The e-book publishers Overdrive and Springer provide the best access for this kind of reading right now.  They are listed below in the box marked "E-Book Publishers."

Can I print an e-book?

E-book publishers typically allow you to download and print one chapter or a limited range of pages at a time for books still under copyright.  If a book's copyright has expired you may be able to print or download the entire book.  All books in the Project Gutenberg collection may be downloaded.

Specialized e-books

This guide refers to general e-book resources that appeal to a wide audience.  In addition, you will find many subject-specific e-books in the library catalog (i.e., Safari publications on technology) and in databases such as PsycINFO (look here for edited book chapters in psychology).  Please refer to the library's Subject Guides or contact a librarian to locate specialized e-books.

General E-book Publishers and Collections Available at the Mansfield Library

Free E-Book Collections

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