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Women in Government Documents: 1870-1910

a quick look at resources relating to the history of women in the united states.

Serial Set Key Words

  • Black Women (Dates: 1817-1923)
  • Legal Status of Women (Dates: 1817-1946)
  • Women's Rights (Dates: 1817 -1920)
  • Women's Suffrage (Dates: 1817-1920)
  • Women's Universities and Colleges (Dates: 1817-1920)
  • Mothers (Dates: 1817-1920)
  • Childbirth (Dates: 1817-1920)
  • Women in the Armed Forces (Dates: 1817- 1920)

Starting points

What was going on?

Polygamy in Utah
Rights of inmates in insane asylums
Pensions for war widows and wives who had been disserted by their husbands



Petition of residents of Utah Territory, praying that the protection of the general government may not be withdrawn from them by the admission of that territory as a state. March 22, 1872.


Postal rights of inmates of insane asylums. Memorial in support of the bill for the protection of the postal rights of the inmates of insane asylums. February 1, 1875. (Serial Set), Online Books by E. P. W. Packard

The Page Act is passed. The law targets Asian women.


Petition of women of Utah. A petition of 22,626 women of Utah asking for the repeal of certain laws, the enactment of others, and the admission of the Territory of Utah as a state. January 13, 1876. Serial Set


Sarah Winnemucca publishes Life Among the Paiutes: Their Wrongs and Claims


In the Senate of the United States. September 21, 1888. -- Presented by Mr. Edmunds, referred to the Committee on Territories, and ordered to be printed. Memorial of Mrs. Angie F. Newman, remonstrating against the admission of Utah Territory into the Union as a state so long as the administration of the affairs of that territory continues in the hands of the Mormon priesthood...


Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte is the first American Indian woman in the United States to receive a medical degree

Elizabeth Cady Stanton delivers her "Solitude of Self" address to the Congressional Judiciary Committee.
Hearing of the Woman Suffrage Association


The last reigning Native Hawaiian monarch, Queen Liliuokalani, is overthrown by the U.S. Government.

Serial set no 3062: In the Senate of the United States. Message from the President of the United States, transmitting correspondence respecting relations between the United States and the Hawaiian Islands from September, 1820, to January, 1893. February 17, 1893.


"To Require Payment of Pension Money to Wives in Cases Where Male Pensioners Desert or Abandon Their Families, or are Habitual Drunkards, or for Any Reason Fail and Neglect To Support Their Families".


Allotment of lands to married women on certain Indian reservations. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior, transmitting, with a copy of a communication from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, a draft of a bill for allotment of lands to married women on certain Indian reservations in North and South Dakota. December 11, 1906. -- Referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs and ordered to be printed.

Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, seated, and Susan B. Anthony, standing, three-quarter length portrait