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WRIT 201: Researching the Good Life

Finding Good Articles

The best place to look for articles is the library databases. Here are a few good places to start!

Finding Good Books

The Library Catalog is the best place to look for books and tons of other material (CDs, DVDs, maps, music scores, etc.).

There is a basic search function as well as an advanced search function. Use your keywords in an advanced search to get more relevant, sophisticated results.

A Word about Research Arguments

A research argument is one "less like a prickly dispute with winners and losers and more like a lively conversation with amiable colleagues. It is a conversation in which you and your imagined readers cooperatively explore an issue that you both think is important to resolve, a conversation that aims not at coercing each other into an agreement, but at cooperatively finding the best answer to an important but challenging question."

from The Craft of Research (3rd ed, 2008) by Wayne Booth, Gregory Colomb and Joseph Williams

Places to Start

Web Resources

Here are some resources beyond the library that may help you in your search for local information.

Apply the same scrutiny to the material you find through these sites that you would to any other information. Local information can be tough to find, and even tougher to discern bias, credibility, authority, etc.

Be suspicious! Be critical! Require the information to meet a high standard!