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Reserve and eRes

Reserve FAQ transcript

How do I get something that’s on reserve?

Your professor may have put something on electronic reserve—meaning you access that information online and can get to it from any computer, on-campus or off—or your professor may have left a physical copy of an item on reserve in the library (like a book or a DVD). There are two easy ways to find this information.

If you are looking for something on electronic reserve, or eRes, I think it’s easiest to use the “Course reserves and eRes” link on the front page of the library. It will give you a list of course numbers for which there’s something on reserve. You can also look things up by instructor or department.

Some eRes materials require a password, which your professor has set up and can give you, and some don’t require a password at all.

When you’re in eRes you’ll see the electronic materials available, and when there are physical items on reserve, you’ll see a link to the library catalog.

If you need to get something that’s on reserve in a hard copy in the library, you need to get the call number and ask for the item at the library check-out desk.

The other way to get to reserve materials is to start from the library catalog and use the course-reserve tab. Like the eRes system, you can look things up by Instructor, Department, or Course.

With the eRes system you start with the digital and can link out to hard-copy reserve. From the catalog you start with the hard-copy materials, and can link out to eRes materials. Both will get the job done.

You can get more help from the Information Center if you get stuck. Remember, we’re here to help you!