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An online reference guide for students, faculty, and staff in the Curriculum & Instruction Department.


This guide provides an introduction to research resources and the research process for members of the Curriculum & Instruction Department and others researching C&I topics. In addition to the front page, be sure to consult the tabs above.

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Before You Search

1. Select and understand your research topic and question.
2. Identify the major concepts in your topic and question.
3. Brainstorm potential keywords/terms that correspond to those concepts.
4. Identify alternative keywords/terms (narrower, broader, or related) to use if the first set of words doesn’t work.
5. Determine (Boolean*) relationships between terms.
6. Begin your search (e.g., in the library catalog, electronic databases, Internet).
7. Review your search results.
8. Revise & refine your search based on the initial findings.

*Boolean logic provides three ways search terms/phrases can be combined, using the following three operators: AND, OR, and NOT.


This guide is being updated! Check back September first.